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Environmental Physiology Global Learning Opportunity

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Environmental Physiology Global Learning Opportunity

Environmental physiology is a graduate-level multidisciplinary course that expands students’ understanding of human anatomy and physiology, exercise physiology, physics, and biology through the classroom and fieldwork. Students explore the physics of the underwater environment, marine flora and fauna adaptations, and the human experience within this environment. The course culminates in a dive and service trip abroad where course concepts are further demonstrated beyond the classroom. One student explained the value of the course, sharing “the learning was hands-on, applied on the trip and captivating—don’t get me wrong, it was definitely hard, but the material kept my attention and encouraged me to broaden my knowledge regarding the human body and its processes.”

As well as an outstanding educational experience, many students find the course to be life-changing. A student explained, “I have found a thirst to learn more about the human body, what it can do, and how it can be manipulated by the discoveries of modern science. I have developed a desire to push past insecurities and doubts to seize opportunities to try new, scary, challenging things. It has sparked a burning spirit of adventure and an increasing curiosity to see the world. Overall, I have discovered a different me over the last several months.” 

Students from the course take their new knowledge, experiences, and outlooks beyond Boise State and into their careers post-graduation. Kinesiology graduate and current Aerospace and Operational Physiologist (AOP) in the United States Navy, Chris Mecham, speaks to the impact of the course, sharing ‘‘the [Environmental Physiology] course was one of the most helpful courses in preparing me for AOP’. 

To support this outstanding learning opportunity, and the students who participate, you can make a donation to the Kinesiology Environmental Physiology Fund. The fund supports the abroad educational program’s travel and preparation expenses - allowing students to fully immerse themselves in the once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

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