COBE Student Hardship Fund

Race to the COBE Student Hardship Fund

Financial Accounting Professor Matt Stallings is training to compete in a 100-mile ultramarathon running race this November to raise money for his students. He has seen students unnecessarily struggle with their academics due to financial adversity and is providing an opportunity for those who are already established to assist our future COBE graduates. Professor Stallings needs to raise $25,000 which is the minimum amount the school requires to create an endowed fund that pays out in perpetuity to provide financial assistance to COBE students during times of economic hardship. Students will not have access to the funds until the full $25,000 is reached, so please help support the students and encourage Matt as he takes on this difficult challenge! Fundraising progress and training updates will be posted throughout the journey. See you at the finish line!


The College of Business & Economics Student Hardship Fund will provide supplemental financial support to students in the form of awarded grants to help alleviate short-term financial distress. Students demonstrating need and receiving assistance from this fund will benefit from financial relief during unexpected situations that may otherwise jeopardize their enrollment or prevent them from fully concentrating on their studies. Overall, this support will help reduce individual financial burdens and allow students facing temporary unanticipated hardships to continue their educational pursuits with fewer stressors and distractions.


The Pinhoti 100 is a point-to-point trail endurance race across technical single track, rocky terrain, ridgelines, and creek crossings through the Talladega National Forest. The course consists of 28,000 feet of elevation change with a 30-hour cutoff time, where racers run throughout the night with headlamps and no sleep. Battling humidity and unpredictable weather, along with a difficult profile, the Pinhoti 100 is a formidable and challenging event both physically and mentally. The race requires dedicated training months in advance, proper gear selection, a solid nutrition and hydration plan, and support crew and pacers to increase the chance of success.

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