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Lori Orr Hays Memorial Scholarship

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Honoring the Memory and Legacy of Lori Orr Hays

The legacy of former Boise State associate athletic director and alum Lori Orr Hays (’83) is embodied in the memories she left behind; kindness and compassion towards students, a strong leader, supportive colleague, and a loving wife, mother, and friend. Although she died in 2013, her passion for her studies, Boise State and its students live on today in the form of a student scholarship.

Following her death, her husband James and sons Tim and Pat founded the Lori Orr Hays Memorial Scholarship Endowment at Boise State. James, a 1986 Boise State business graduate, said starting the memorial endowment at Boise State was natural because of how much of their lives revolved around the university.

“I hope that the scholarship will help to honor her legacy of helping other people and treating people with kindness,” Pat said. “I hope that students who receive the scholarship will take a minute to think about who the person was that the fund was named in memory of, and take an opportunity to realize how meaningful and impactful help can be.”

The family continues to support Boise State and their scholarship while encouraging others to contribute to the university that had a lasting mark on their lives.

Not every student has the means to go to college, and for some, a scholarship is the only way that it makes it manageable,” James said. “Many students work full-time jobs or several part-time jobs to make it work. By supporting scholarships, you can make a difference in a student’s life by rewarding those who want to learn.”

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