What is #BroncoBOLD?

#BroncoBOLD is an initiative designed to encompass all aspects of Boise State Athletics' mental health programming for our student-athletes, coaches and staff.  The "BroncoBOLD" name, as well as the mission statement, was selected and drafted by Boise State student-athletes with guidance from Director of Athletic Performance, Psychology, Stephanie Donaldson and others in the department to represent Boise State Sports Performance, Health, and Wellness moving forward as it works with other members of the campus and the Treasure Valley community to take on the challenges of mental health in today's world of college athletics.
#BroncoBOLD Mission Statement

#BroncoBOLD is a Boise State University student-athlete mental health initiative that spreads a message of hope, help, and resiliency to the entire campus and greater community.

#BroncoBOLD will champion the importance of mental health and wellness in all areas of life through the platform of sport.

The #BroncoBOLD mission is built on three pillars:

1. Reduce Stigma
#BroncoBOLD will be the voice of change. We will create a culture of help-seeking and inclusion through personal stories and messages of strength. Collectively, we will normalize conversations around mental health and reduce stigma.

2. Raise Awareness
#BroncoBOLD will shed light on mental health by focusing on education and proactive prevention. We will grow awareness and knowledge of mental health issues through such forums as social media, workshops, and sponsored events and athletic competitions.

3. Cultivate Resiliency
#BroncoBOLD will utilize a strengths-based approach, emphasizing the boldness we all possess. We will share healthy coping skills, engage support systems, and use our internal and external resources.  

Together, we will build a culture of resiliency and strength.

Together, we will foster a mentally healthy community.

Together, we are #BroncoBOLD.

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