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Idaho Society for Clinical Social Work Scholarship

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The Maxine and Milt Klein Idaho Society for Clinical Social Work Scholarship

The Maxine and Milt Klein Idaho Society for Clinical Social Work Scholarship was established in 2004.  Milt Klein LCSW was the director of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare in the '70s and founding president of the Idaho Society for Clinical Social Work.  He and his wife were partners in private practice for many years.

Former Recipients

Sasha Wilkins
Master’s of Social Work

Expected Graduation: 2027
Hometown: Twin Falls, ID 

Briefly introduce you, and what are your goals and future plans after completing your education at Boise State?

My name is Sasha, and as many future social workers, I have always wanted to help people, but more than that, I've wanted to help them tell their stories. Each person has a rich life and background that made them who they are, and I would love to help them find their voice and help them achieve even more in life. After finishing my MSW degree, I hope to go into lobbying as a social worker to advocate for policy that will benefit people who are too often overlooked and fight policies that seek to oppress or harm others.

What does receiving this scholarship mean to you?

This scholarship is important because it will ultimately help me become more educated to help others in the most effective way. The more I learn, the better I will be able to cater to a client or group's specific needs and find ways to reach a better outcome. This scholarship helps me buy textbooks to further my education or help pay for course fees that make it possible for me to complete this degree and develop my skills as a social worker and an effective clinician.

"I appreciate your donation so much, and I can only hope I can take your kindness and pay it forward to disadvantaged individuals. There are so many people who do not have a voice because of their socioeconomic status, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and more. Being able to help those individuals reach their goals and make strides is the best repayment I can think of. Thank you for helping me make a change in even just one person's life and becoming a better social worker and a better person overall. I have so much left to learn in school and beyond, and I am thankful for the continued opportunity to learn."

Melissa McTaggert
Master’s of Social Work, Psychology and Organizational Science
Hometown: Coeur D’Alene Idaho  

 What do you like most about attending Boise State?

I am a non-traditional student and didn't start college until 2013 as I was busy being a mom to my three children (Anna 23, Sawyer 13, and Savoy 10). Boise State offers an excellent social work program at the graduate level which is why I enrolled in their rigorous program. I am an online student, so I have not been to the Boise State campus since starting there in 2018.Having said that, I love the teaching staff for the MSW online program. Their passion for the program and the students is apparent.

What was your favorite class or academic activity this year?

As a continuing online student, my only interactions are with the faculty and other students in my program primarily through email, group projects, Google chats, or discussion posts which is different than a traditional college experience. I recently took a class on trauma which was rich in content and will be one of the classes that benefit my career the most. The class was called Trauma-Informed Practice SWRK566 with Alyssa Reynolds.

What activities do you participate in outside of the classroom?

I am an online student, so I am about 8 hours away from the campus, so I do not participate in campus activities. However, I do enjoy the outdoors whether it is hiking, biking, camping, running, or a day at the beach with my children. I volunteer as a Guardian Ad Litem for children in the foster care system. Additionally, I am a Realtor when I am not entrenched in college work.

What are your aspirations following graduation? How will your education at Boise State contribute to them?

After graduation, I would like to be certified in forensic interviewing at my local Children's Advocacy Center. This is a safe place where children who have been removed from a traumatic experience are able to tell their story to one trained person rather than multiple people and organizations seeking information in the criminal case.

What does receiving this scholarship mean to you? How has it impacted or will it impact your year and your future?

I am humbled to receive this scholarship, as it not only helps me pay for books and school, but it also means that I do not have to take out as much money in student loans. As a social work student, I understand that Milt Klein was the director of the Department of Health and Welfare in the '70s and the founding president of the Idaho Society for Clinical Social Work. It is an honor to receive this award in his name.



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