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Ethos Project

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Ethos Project


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The Ethos Project is the bridge - the bridge between the “now what?” and the “let’s do”. The Ethos Project in Boise aims to bring the voices of undergraduate students at Boise State into the light of this community, so professors and respected peers can listen to these amazing humans, advocating for real problems in this world. The Ethos Project intends to do what it was named for: give these students a chance to present their ethos, their voice, on a subject of great importance to them and the society as a whole. The Ethos Project has been created to help bring these innovative ideas out of the bleak four-walled classroom and into the real world, where they have a chance to create significant change. In turn, uniting ourselves on this beautiful campus and within the community as a whole. Now, you may be asking yourself, "What exactly does Ethos mean?", well buckle in for a philosophical joy-ride! The term 'Ethos' is part of a group of 3 words known to be Aristotle's 'three artistic proofs', Ethos, Logos, and Pathos. Ethos refers to the character of an individual, their credibility, and their voice. We, The Ethos Project team, are hosting a symposium, TED talk style event, at Boise State, March 14th. This event is the foundation for our speakers to create their ethos, and to act on a change they would like to see in this community. -- If you would like to learn more about the Ethos Project and its inception, follow this link to our website!


We are a group of Boise State Students who care about the voices of our friends and colleagues here on campus. We have all been in a classroom where we have been emotionally moved by our fellow terrans, in such a way, that we cannot bear to allow their voices to remain dormant, and unheard, in the classroom. We are here to create an event that elevates those student’s voices. We're creating a medium in which students have the ability to express their ideas and turn their dreams into tangible reality. 



    Left to Right: Marissa, Kelsea, Shawn, Andy, Rae, Madi (Missing: Ivan, Dr. Myers)



We need your help to create this amazing event and opportunity! Our goal is to raise $2,500, which will help fund all costs towards this event; an event intended to inspire the hearts of us all in this beautiful city of Boise. We are calling on you to be a part of something bigger. Help us create this platform so students can be heard. Together we can rise up and become one voice for innovation, one voice for positive change, one voice for unity. Every single dollar counts in helping us reach our ultimate goal. Please take a moment, if you can, to make a donation. If you are unable to donate, you can also be a huge help to us by sharing this page with your colleagues, friends, and family. All of us on the board at the Ethos Project thank you whole-heartedly, in advance, for your generous contributions. 

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Social Media Shoutout

Our Social Media Director Marissa will give you the biggest social media shoutout, on Twitter or Facebook, for being so awesome and helping us!

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Ethos Project Sticker

Generous enough to donate $10? Well look out! You got yourself an official Ethos Project Sticker coming your way! Represent your true ethos with this awesome sticker you can put on your water bottle, laptop, or even slap it on your friends forehead!

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Ethos Project Mug

Do you love coffee? With a donation of $50 you will receive an official Ethos Project Mug! Help us, help you sate your insatiable thirst, to then go out into this world and spread your voice!

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Lucky Fins $25 Gift Card

In the mood for some sushi or some fresh seafood? With a donation of $75, you can receive a gift card to the ever-so decadent seafood restaurant known as Lucky Fins! Satisfy your tastebuds, or take out that special person in your life! Feed your Ethos!

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High Definition Photograph

You can take home your very own piece of magic from the lens of our own Ethos Speaker, Scott Conover! The photographs are from his project with Emilee Ayers of botany images showing regular plants in new divine light. If you are interested and want to take a look at some of Scott's photography, follow this link:

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VIP Table Sponsorship

Attention Corporations and Colleges this perk is for you! With a donation of $300, your company/college will be represented as a sponsor of the event. You will have a reserved VIP table, for six, at the event, with your name in the event pamphlet and on display at the event itself. If you want to make this donation, but cannot have representatives attend the event, look onto the next perk.

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Corporations and Colleges that are unable to attend the event in person, this perk is for you! With this donation, you will be represented as a sponsor of the event through the event pamphlet, displays at the event itself, and on our Ethos Project website!

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