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Bring the Universe to Boise State!

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New Perk!

October 26, 2018

Boise State Supporters,

This week, I've been attending the annual meeting in Knoxville TN of the Division of Planetary Sciences, the world's largest professional society for planetary astronomy -


Lots of amazing presentations, results, and swag this week, including maps of Titan, Saturnian ringlets, and original rock songs.


While at the meeting, I've been arranging a top secret and brand-new perk for donors to our Pony Up campaign to raise funds for a portable planetarium, and I'm excited to announce it now --


Dr. Alan Stern, leader of NASA's New Horizons mission to Pluto, signed five copies of his new book Chasing New Horizons, and we're offering them to our donors at the $1k level!


So if you're space fan or a Pluto-lover, help us to bring the universe to Boise State and get your very own signed copy of the book "Scientific American" called "spellbinding".



We're Bringing the Universe to Boise State!

October 20, 2018

Dear Boise State supporters,

I recently spent an evening beneath the glittering night sky with students from my UF100: Alien Worlds, Alien Life class. This course surveys the burgeoning field of exoplanets and how these discoveries have revolutionized the search for extraterrestrial life.


As part of their coursework, students are invited to stargaze at our on-campus observatory, and for this semester's last night of stargazing, Boise State photographer Patrick Sweeney joined us to take some spectacular photos, which you can see below. (You can view all the photos here.)


We use red lights at the observatory so students can read their star charts without ruining their night vision, which give the event an eerie, Halloween-appropriate feel.


We'd love to bring this kind of awe-inspiring astronomy to folks across Idaho, and your support of this Pony Up campaign to purchase a digital planetarium will help us do just that. Please spread the word and help us bring the universe to Boise State.


And to those who have already donated, thanks so much for your support!


Brian Jackson



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Donors at this level will be VIPs at one of our monthly public astronomy events, including dinner with our guest speaker and a private tour of the on-campus observatory.

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House Call/Signed Book

Brian will show up at your star-gazing party and bring his telescope and you will get a copy of the book _Chasing New Horizons_ about NASA's mission to Pluto signed by one of the authors, Dr. Alan Stern.

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