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Libarna Urban Landscapes Project (LULP)

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103% - We Made It!

May 31, 2018
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We passed the 60% milestone! And we got our permit!

May 21, 2018

Since I made the video on Friday we have had several more people step up to support LULP and are just shy of 70% of our goal! That is amazing and we are so grateful to every one of our donors. Thank you fur supporting LULP! We hope you are looking forward to following our work this field season, which is just over a month away. In fact we just received our permits from the Italian government, so we are an official, approved project and not just crazy people making grids in some fields!


Our permits are issued by the Soprintendenza archeologia belle art e paessagio per le province de Alessandria Asti e Cuneo (in English that is the Superintendency of archaeology, fine arts, and landscapes for the provinces of Alessandria, Asti, and Cuneo). This is an organization under the authority of the Italian Ministry of Culture that oversees the care and preservation of archaeological sites throughout the different regions of Italy. Without the support of the people at the Soprintendenza we would not be able to carry out our work.


And we wouldn't be able to do our work without your support! So thank you again to all our donors! Be sure to check out our blog ( where Nicole and Shura have been writing some really wonderful posts. And please continue to share this campaign with anyone who might be interested in supporting archaeological research in Italy.


Thank you all! 

50% Funded! We're halfway there!

May 11, 2018

19 days to go and we're already 50% funded! 40 outstanding donors have stepped up and gotten us to an impressive $2,000! THANK YOU SO MUCH! It might sound cheesy, but there really aren't words to express just how important your support is to this project.


What exactly does $2,000 get us in Libarna? That's all the first aid supplies an archaeologist could ask for, roughly a full season's worth of fuel to cart our team and gear to and from site each day, or a whole week of sustenance at Ivy's Burger Bar (she makes a mouthwatering pesto lasagna). But we can't stop here! It's an impressive number in BandAids, but $2,000 is still only half of our long awaited ground penetrating radar (GPR). We're so close to all of that that sweet, sweet subterranean data we can almost taste it!


You make this season possible and we are so happy to have you along for the adventure! Help us make the final push and finish strong by sharing our project, and your amazing progress, with all of your friends, family, and archaeologically-enthusiastic-acquaintances.


Thank you so much, or as they say in Libarna, "Grazie mille!"

28% WOW - Thank you!

May 07, 2018

Only one week down and we're 28% funded! That's a whopping $1,130 from 23 incredible donors across the globe. That's a whole lotta BandAids (or plasters, once you cross the Atlantic), enough bamboo stakes to buy out most of Alessandria (seriously, we're not kidding), a season of internet (all the data, all the time!), or a few days of food (a team's gotta eat...).


You all make up an amazing community which makes us an unbelievably lucky team.  For those honorary "people of the LULP" who have already contributed, THANK YOU SO MUCH! For those of you who maybe haven't taken the leap yet, we've added a new pledge level at $10. We really believe that "many hands make for light work," and truly, every contribution helps us get closer and closer to a successful season. Even if you can't contribute (or even if you already have) shouting from the rooftops is just as important (we'll accept a social media blast, we try to save the screaming for the really big fields).


Many of you get our smiling faces on a regular basis, but for those of you who want to know more about what a month in the field means to the region surrounding Libarna, take a look at Shura's latest blog post "The Ties That Bind: using Archaeology to build relationships in Libarna." The impact we have in our communities at home and out in the field is incredibly important to us and we feel honored to be a project you believe in.


There are only 23 days left in the campaign and time certainly flies. We hope to have a big announcement for you all soon so stay tuned!


Thank you again for supporting the Libarna Urban Landscape Project, your help makes this important work possible!

15% Already - THANK YOU!

May 05, 2018

$640 in 5 days?! This is incredible! We’re so grateful to everybody that has donated. We’ve received contributions from three different continents already, so it’s clear that word about our project is really spreading around the globe, and we couldn’t be happier. We’d better start preparing all of the gifts we’ll be sending out to those who donate!


We’re over 15% of the way to our goal of $4,000, but what will your money actually provide us with? Well, all those donations to the finance our GPR means we now have funds to put towards other essential pieces of equipment. This includes small but vital things like bamboo sticks to mark out the sections we are surveying (one every 5 metres in an 80x80 metre grid is a lot of sticks!), food to fuel our hungry students and staff for a few days, and some petrol to help us transport our precious machines to site safely! The ancient colony of Libarna is situated between two modern towns – Serravalle Scrivia and Arquata Scrivia. As we can’t stay at Libarna all day and night (even though some of us would love to camp inside the amphitheatre!) we have to find accommodation nearby, which means we have to drive to and from site everyday with staff, students, lunches, and equipment as both towns are a couple of miles away! The cars we hire are vital to ensure that everybody gets the best out of their summer abroad – we can take everybody to site, complete our gigantic food hauls, take our students to museums in Milan, Turin and Genova, and on special occasions we can explore even more of the wider area by taking trips to more distant towns and villages, and making expeditions to swim in the nearby rivers! Although some of these might just sound like we’re enjoying a vacation, helping students experience another culture fully is part and parcel of a field-school, and we wouldn’t be fulfilling our duty as educators if we simply kept everybody on site and didn’t let them experience more of the wonderful country they’re visiting. Gaining knowledge about other countries, people, and the way they live is just as important as knowing how to conduct an archaeological survey, which is why these cars are just SO vital to all aspects of our work!


Today is a great day for an update because a talk is taking place at Libarna quite literally as this is being posted. Organised by the local University of the Third Age (U3A), the Libarna Arteventi Association (a local non-profit organisation that supports the site) and the Soprintendenza archaeologia belli arti e paesaggio per le province di Alessandria, the government department responsible for all archaeological work within the province of Alessandria.  Not only will attendees be given a guided tour of the site and a lecture about the history and importance of Libarna, but our two co-directors Dr. Katie Huntley and Dr. Hannah Friedman will be making an appearance via videolink from Boise and Texas respectively! We’ll have more information about this up on our blog tomorrow, and don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @LibarnaULP for more regular updates!

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Shout out!

For the cost of a fancy coffee you can become part of the extended LULP team! Plus we'll give you a shout out on social media.


For the bumps and bruises!

While all team members have up-to-date tetanus shots, minor injuries are a reality in the field as is the occasional illness. A donation fo $10 will go towards keeping our first aid kit stocked and other necessities from the local pharmacy. We'll give you a social media shout out as thanks!


All the little things...

The GPR is our fancy technology, but we still need some less flashy equipment, such as rope, stakes, hammers, field notebooks, etc. Your donation will go towards these expenses, plus you'll get a sticker with the official project logo!


Transporting the GPR

A donation of $50 will pay for 1 week of fuel needed to transport the GPR to and from site. As a thank you, we'll send you a behind-the-scenes project photograph.


Data Processing

We need internet access to help us upload, store, and processing our data as we collect it. A donation of $100 will pay for 2 weeks of internet and you'll get an exclusive weekly newsletter while we're in the field.


Feed us, Seymour!

Keeping the GPR running requires a lot of fuel for our team members. A donation of $250 will feed our 10-person team for a day. As a thanks, you'll receive a video fly-over of Libarna shot with our drone.



Help us cover the cost of insuring our GPR. Archaeology can get rough and machines can experience problems in the field. Help us cover our butts! As a thanks, you'll get a project t-shirt.


GPR, baby!

A $2000 donation will cover half of the rental cost of our GPR machine. As a thanks, we'll send you a bottle of Gavi di Gavi, the local white wine, to sip as you peruse the newsletters and drone video while wearing the project t-shirt.